Weight Loss

Hypnosis in Addison


My name is Bridgett Stephenson, and I hypnotize people. Not for entertainment, but to help them feel more in control of their life, and to better achieve their goals. It’s difficult to lose weight – not just physically, but mentally – and it’s fair to say that getting excited to exercise and eat healthy can often be the hardest part. That’s where I come in!

Give me a call right now at 1-312-686-8917, or fill out my suggest-ability survey, and I’ll use my skills to help you get motivated, and stay motivated to be a thinner, healthier you. You can visit me at my Chicago-area office, or online.

“Why should you listen to me?”, you might be asking yourself. Well on top of having spent the last 16 years helping people to shed pounds and inches, I used to be overweight myself. That was before I figured out the secret: It wasn’t the food that was making me fat, it was how I thoughtabout food and eating that was the problem. So I used what I know about hypnosis and the human mind to reprogram myself, and because of that, it became significantly easier for me to lose weight.

I swear, it can work for you too.

You don’t need to be taking potentially dangerous weight loss supplements, or to near-starve yourself with the latest crash diets. You just need to eat moderately healthy foods in sensible portions. But you already knew that… so what’s stopped you, before? Willpower. And that’s what I’m here to empower you with. If you’re willing to try, I’ll get your subconscious mind working with you, instead of against you.

There’s nothing wrong with loving food – food is delicious, after all, and I’m not about to take that away from you. What I do is help you to find and cultivate the discipline you need to make better choices. I’ll help you WANT to eat smaller, healthier portions. I’ll help you find it inside yourself to ENJOY daintier dessert portions, and the idea of exercising a bit after your meal settles.

What I offer my clients are the tools to help you reshape your body, by reshaping the way you think about living your life. The strength to lose the weight really is inside of you. Hypnosis isn’t magic, and it’s certainly nothing to be spooked by – it’s just getting an expert to “hack” the human mind, using what we know about our psychology to make it easier for you to reach your goals.

My hypnotherapy sessions are all one-on-one and personalized to fit your situation and goals. In the Chicago area, you can visit my office in Addison, IL. I also conduct sessions online with clients anywhere in the world via apps like Skype or Facetime.

So why wait? Even if you’ve tried everything else in the past and failed, if you let me help you change the way you think about eating, you can start succeeding now.

Call 1-312-686-8917 today to setup your first appointment, or fill out my suggest-ability survey to find out more about whether or not hypnosis for weight loss is right for you. You have nothing to lose, and with a little effort, a healthier life and positive self-image is yours to gain.