Smoking Cessation

Addison Hypnosis

My name is Bridgett, and I hypnotize people. Not for show, but to help them to be more in control of their life. If you’d like my help to quit smoking (because who doesn’t want to feel healthier), give me a call right now at 1-312-686-8917, or fill out my suggestibility survey to find out how hypnosis can work for you!

You can have comfortable, personal hypnosis sessions at my office in Addison, Illinois. And thanks to one-on-one communication apps such as Skype and Facetime, I can help clients all over the United States to quit smoking, and stay quit. So if it’s your time to give up the smoke, give me a call! You’ve got nothing to lose but your dangerous habit.

It’s not easy to stop smoking. It’s one thing to want to stop, but addictions are very real, and there’s no shame in needing help to get past your urges to light up.

Willpower is the key! Through my corrective hypnosis sessions, I help you find and cultivate the discipline you need to throw away your last pack of smokes, and never buy another.

Some people find hypnosis to be a bit spooky, but I assure you, there’s nothing to be afraid of. My training as a hypnotherapist simply allows me to put you in a relaxed state – some call it a “trance” – and help you to rebuild your ability to control your actions.

After a few sessions, my clients usually find themselves much more confident in their ability to regulate their own addictive behavior, and control their desire to smoke.

And the only thing better than self-confidence, is self-confidence combined with cleaner lungs, a better-smelling home, and less money wasted on a vice that does nothing but shorten your life expectancy. So what are you waiting for?

Call me right now at 1-312-686-8917 to set up your first hypnotherapy session, or fill out my suggest-ability survey. I look forward to speaking with you, and helping you quit smoking once and for all!