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Theories on hypnosis and mesmerism can be dated back to the mid-1700’s. Since then, we’ve seen research and testing proving that hypnosis does influence the human mind. However, since hypnosis has been wrongly portrayed in popular movies, television shows, and books, it often scares and confuses people on what is truly behind hypnosis. We’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions about hypnosis along with the truths that are supported by science.

Myth #1: Hypnosis is sleep

Hypnosis is not sleep. While the subject may outwardly appear to be in a dim slumber, they are actually experiencing a high level of relaxation. When you are in a hypnotic state, you can clearly think for yourself.

Myth #2: The instructor can make you act against your will

Hypnosis is not a “truth serum” or type of mind control technique as it’s often portrayed in movies. In hypnosis, the psychological “Law of Self-Preservation” is in effect and you can control what you do and say. Your morals remain intact and you are free to reject or accept suggestions made from the clinician at your own will.

Myth #3: You can be stuck in trance

The idea that someone can hypnotize you and then leave you stuck in a trance is false. Since you are fully conscious at the time of hypnosis, if someone were to leave, you would simply emerge when you felt like it.

Myth #4: Hypnosis is only for those wanting to quit smoking or drinking.

While hypnosis can help people looking to quit substance abuse, it can also help with any struggle you are looking to overcome. At Lifenosis, we have helped countless individuals overcome issues with anxiety, poor self-image, stress, creative blocks, and many other struggles. There is no limit to what hypnosis can help you conquer.

We hope this has helped you understand hypnosis and the benefits it can offer you. Live your best life with the help of hypnosis. If you would like to book a session with our clinical hypnotist, Bridgett Stephenson, C.HT. please call us at (312) 686-8917 or visit us online.

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